Canada themovie is the people and our stories, laughter and tears. Itís Champlain, Pontiac, Thompson, Brock, Poundmaker, Brant, Riel, Tecumseh, people from our past. Itís also the politician, explorer, poet, slave, merchant, archaeologist, cowboy, comic, warrior, canoe builder, journalist, and artist.

Climb the Chilkoot Trail to the White Pass summit and onto Dawson City, learn the Inuit ways that most Europeans ignored. See Niagara, this mighty fall of water that, for settlers, was a mythical place spoken of by native traders, journey to Queen Charlotte Sound and carve a mighty totem with the people of the Pacific.

This is a land of war, expulsion, exploitation. Today, visitors marvel at the majesty of whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence; earlier European explorers died here, as they pursued their dream of riches in what was, for them, a hostile, savage land.

Canada themovie is spectacular. From Bella Coola to Cape Spear, this country and its diversity, its stories, yarns, legends. Stunning original footage, photographed in all four seasons.

Canada themovie, a feature length documentary, produced in high definition wide screen digital video with surround sound. Read more here


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